Water Information and Management System

Join the forefront of water innovation with aquaWISE. Our platform integrates advanced analytics and digital twin technology to optimize water distribution, mitigate risks, and ensure sustainable usage.

Digital Water Monitoring and Management System, for better Monitoring, Planning and Management of Water

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Water Tech

We Are Pioneers In Technologies for Sustainable Water Management

In our ever-changing world, water scarcity and inefficiencies pose major challenges for communities and industries. Our cloud-based platform tackles these complex water management issues by gathering data from various sources, including IoT sensors, satellite imagery, and advanced modeling.

By blending science and technology, aquaWISE empowers decision-makers to closely monitor, predict, and optimize the entire water supply and demand cycle. From real-time tracking of distribution networks to predictive analytics for drought preparedness, we’re redefining the future of water management.

Water Security

Weather Smart

Energy Efficient

“From Source to End User -An Integrated Platform for all Water Related Data and Decisions”


Enable various decisions that need huge data inputs, forecasted weather, and various physical characteristics, using artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms. For example, sustainable reservoir operations, irrigation planning, water conservation planning, minimizing floods, water cascades, etc.

Plug and Play Modules

A single window platform to monitor, predict, plan and manage water

Digital Twins

Monitor large scale Natural & conveyance systems at your fingertips for bulk water management.

Inflow Forecast

Forecast inflows into rivers and reservoirs with realtime insights on weather patterns.

Reservoir Optimization

Optimize operations based on inflows and predictive analytics

Lift Scheme Optimization

Aautomated flow management systems assesses schemes to optimize transfers.

Dam Operations and Planning

Monitor dam safety and operations in real-time.

Command Area and Irrigation Management

Ensure equitable distribution of water for the entire Command area with assessments on deficits.

Water Budget and Audit

A data driven hydrological framework that facilitates traceability and accounting of the water.

Ground Water Management

Get insight into the overall groundwater volume and fluctuations over time.

River Basin Optimization

Resolve water demand-supply conflicts, aiding authorities in smart decision-making and optimizing economic efficiency.

Watershed Planning and Conservation

Run hydrological assessments to pin conservation opportunities, estimate runoff, and recommend water-saving structures.

Water Demand Assessment

Assess Sectoral water demand with insights into water availability and runoff based on real-time data.

Water Related Risks

Comprehensive analysis identifies vulnerabilities and recommends strategies to mitigate risks, ensuring resilience from water related risks.

Why aquaWISE?

Industry Leading Water Tech Platforms

Quick and Scalable Deployment

Rapid and scalable deployment for immediate impact, scalableright from individual household level to block, ccounty, state and country level.

No-code/Low-code Platform

Easily customisable platform requiring no coding knowledge. Easy one click integrations and plug and play modules.

Data Ready

Our platform offers a seamless integration of diverse data sources, enabling a unified environment where information from IoT sensors, satellite imagery, SCADA systems, and more can be harmoniously combined.

Tech on Cloud

Harnessing the power of cloud technology for efficient and flexible water management.

Team Enablement

Empowering clients with ease in capacity building to ensure smooth adoption and utilization.

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aquaWISE is not just a platform; it’s a revolution in water management. This AI-driven system integrates cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning, IoT, and Geospatial data to offer a comprehensive solution for real-time water monitoring, analysis, and decision-making.


Precision agriculture leverages advanced technologies like GPS, sensors, and drones to enhance crop management, optimize resource use, and boost yields.


Land is a dynamic asset and its usage keeps changing in accordance to human activities, constructions, agricultural practices, climate related changes like flood, drought, cyclones etc.

Smart City

Smart city climate technology includes smart grids for efficient energy use, intelligent transportation systems for reduced emissions, and sustainable buildings with smart HVAC and LED lighting to lower energy consumption.

Water Management

Effective water management is essential as climate change and population growth pressure water resources. Predictive analytics revolutionizes drought preparedness by providing tools to forecast and manage impacts.

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