Flood Risk Assessments

Integrate climate data into flood risk evaluation

Assess and mitigate the potential impacts of flooding on any geographic area, infrastructure, and the environment. Leverage comprehensive evaluation of various factors including historical flood patterns and climate change scenarios

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Digital Water Monitoring and Management System, for better Monitoring, Planning and Management of Water

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Water Bodies Geo-tagged

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Automated Weather Stations

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Piezometers and Telemetry

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Hydrology Models

Flood Risk Assessment

Flood Risk Mitigation at your fingertips

Combine scientific analysis and technological tools further raise assessments alerts flood risk. Essentally harness 3D flood simulations on individual propoerties, urban areas and understand climate change scenarios.

Water Security

Weather Smart

Energy Efficient

“From Source to End User -An Integrated Platform for all Water Related Data and Decisions”


Enable various decisions that need huge data inputs, forecasted weather, and various physical characteristics, using artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms. For example, sustainable reservoir operations, irrigation planning, water conservation planning, minimizing floods, water cascades, etc.

Plug and Play Modules

A single window platform to monitor, predict, plan and manage water

Flood Risk Assessments

Simulate flood risk in 3D at any geography or at an individual property level. Detailed inundation map will cite insights on impacts and help in taking ahead of time preventive measures

Future Flows

Understand water release rates to forecast water levels and downstream availability, aiding in effective flood control and risk mitigation

Inundation Forecast

Leverage hydrological models and real-time data to predict areas prone to flooding, enable timely planning and preparedness for mitigating flood-related risks and damage

3D View & Analysis

Aautomated flow management systems assesses schemes to optimize transfers.

Scenario Simulations

Simulate various flood as well as breach scenarios, also see inundation risk at critical zones

Command Area and Irrigation Management

Ensure equitable distribution of water for the entire Command area with assessments on deficits.

Water Budget and Audit

A data driven hydrological framework that facilitates traceability and accounting of the water.

Climate Change Insights

Combine scientific data, models, and observations to understand the climate change patterns, their impacts on ecosystems and weather events

Alerts & Advisories

Alarms on flooding extent, risk advisories and impact assessments help in taking response action by concerned authorities for efficient disaster management.

Online Model Builder

Empower experts to run hydrology models in realtime for seamless workflow and collaboration

Why aquaWISE?

Industry Leading Water Tech Platforms

Quick and Scalable Deployment

Rapid and scalable deployment for immediate impact, scalableright from individual household level to block, ccounty, state and country level.

No-code/Low-code Platform

Easily customisable platform requiring no coding knowledge. Easy one click integrations and plug and play modules.

Data Ready

Our platform offers a seamless integration of diverse data sources, enabling a unified environment where information from IoT sensors, satellite imagery, SCADA systems, and more can be harmoniously combined.

Tech on Cloud

Harnessing the power of cloud technology for efficient and flexible water management.

Team Enablement

Empowering clients with ease in capacity building to ensure smooth adoption and utilization.

Our Projects

Successfully Deployed Multiple Country and State Scale Projects Across the World

India's First AgriStack + Climate Smart Decision Support

Gaining visibility into every crop field of the state.

India's First AgriStack + Climate Smart Decision Support

Gaining visibility into every crop field of the state.

India's First AgriStack + Climate Smart Decision Support

Gaining visibility into every crop field of the state.

India's First AgriStack + Climate Smart Decision Support

Gaining visibility into every crop field of the state.

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