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Who Are We?

We are the future of climate technology!

We Strive is to harness cutting-edge technologies to address the pressing challenge of climate change, fostering a sustainable future where innovation meets environmental oversight.

We are committed to aligning with the United Nations’ sustainability goals by leveraging our expertise in innovative technologies to develop solutions that directly contribute to environmental preservation and resource efficiency.

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A Decade of Glory

Building & Innovating for Sustainability and Reducing Net Carbon

Vassar Labs has achieved unparalleled success in developing a cutting-edge platform that not only addresses pressing environmental challenges but also sets the standard for innovation and impact in the sustainability sector.

Core Team

Top talents from around the globe

Our team is meticulously crafted from the finest minds hailing from prestigious institutions such as IITs, ISB, IIIT, and MIT, ensuring unparalleled expertise and innovation in every endeavour.

Laxmiprasad Putta

Founder & CEO

Nikhilesh Kumar

Co-founder & CEO - Climate Tech

Chandrakiran M


Harsh Alok Pensi

Software Architect

Our Goals

We work parallel to public and private organisations to build a climate resilient future.

Net Zero

Empowering renewable energy optimization to pave way for carbon free power grids.

Food Security

Putting technology into action for climate smart agriculture and add to social welfare.

Water Security

Ensuring equitable access to clean water for everyone with smart water management.

Disaster Risk Mitigation

Taking adaptive measures with technology innovation to tackle climate change risks to life and property.

NITI AYYOG Composite Water Management Index

The state and Vassar Labs are building a system for farmers that uses satellite and soil sensor data to conserve water and provide farming advice.

RON NORRIS Georgia Pacific

For several years throughout our collaboration, Vassar Labs has consistently demonstrated their reliability, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

A VARA PRASADA RAO Director, AP Ground Water Department

With the collaboration of Vassar Labs we have developed this beautiful platform that provides visibility into all the water resources in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

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At Vassar Labs we make innovation fall into action and create solutions that matter to people. We are passionately working towards a sustainable future by harnessing smart technologies to build climate resilient solutions for water, agriculture, power, land and disaster management.

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