Disaster Information & Management System

Leverage Disaster early warnings & assessments for timely risk mitigation

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Water Bodies Geo-tagged

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Automated Weather Stations

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Piezometers and Telemetry

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Hydrology Models

Building Climatic Risk Resilience

Building Solution to Enable Disaster Response Action

Vassar Labs offers a comprehensive disaster risk management solution powered by AI algorithms, providing real-time weather insights tailored to any location. Our platform enables continuous monitoring of extreme events and their impact zones, facilitating early warning notifications and precise damage assessments to support effective risk mitigation strategies.

With a focus on safeguarding populations and infrastructure, we empower decision-makers with the critical information needed to respond swiftly and minimize the impact of natural disasters.

Water Security

Weather Smart

Save Lives

Unified Platform to Monitor, Analyze and Mitigate Climatic Risks

continuous monitoring of extreme weather events, providing early warnings for floods, cyclones, heatwaves, and droughts, alongside damage assessment capabilities to enhance disaster response."

Plug and Play Modules

A single window platform to monitor, predict, plan and manage water

Flood Early Warning System

Forecast weather patterns and inflows at reservoir/basin levels along with inundation mapping. Further, get early alerts on incoming floods for optimal management

2D and 3D Flood Risk Simulation Tool

Simulate flood risk in 3D at any geography or at an individual property level. Detailed inundation map will cite insights on impacts and take preventive action.

Heatwave Early Warnings

Detect periods of excessively high temperatures and get timely early alerts on heatwave. Further, enable proactive measures to mitigate environmental risks.

Drought Monitoring

Assess various weather related indicators and understand drought conditions ahead of time to further implement smart mitigation strategies.

Flood Forecasting

Forecast weather patterns and inflows at reservoir/basin levels along with inundation mapping. Further, get early alerts on incoming floods for optimal management‚Äč

Cloudburst Alerts

Get alerts on intense rainfall events, monitor atmospheric conditions of areas prone to flash floods. Early dissemination of warnings enables authorities to take timely measures, reducing the risk.

Forest Fire Monitoring

Facilitate early detection of forest fire and minimize the spread of fires. Also get realtime status of fire break completion and damage analysis with environmental impact assessments.

Cyclone Warning and Monitoring

The system employs advanced algorithms to provide real-time alerts and precise forecasts, safeguarding communities and infrastructure.

Why Vassar Labs?

Industry Leading Climate Tech Platforms

Quick and Scalable Deployment

Rapid and scalable deployment for immediate impact, scalableright from individual household level to block, ccounty, state and country level.

No-code/Low-code Platform

Easily customisable platform requiring no coding knowledge. Easy one click integrations and plug and play modules.

Data Ready

Our platform offers a seamless integration of diverse data sources, enabling a unified environment where information from IoT sensors, satellite imagery, SCADA systems, and more can be harmoniously combined.

Tech on Cloud

Harnessing the power of cloud technology for efficient and flexible water management.

Team Enablement

Empowering clients with ease in capacity building to ensure smooth adoption and utilization.

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