Transforming Agriculture with Climate Change Adoption

Step into the digital era of agriculture, where innovative solutions provide farmers with the tools they need to navigate complexities and achieve prosperity.

Addressing Sustainable growth with innovation

Transforming Farms, Transforming Future

fieldWISE revolutionizes agriculture by integrating sustainability, financial inclusion, and food security, empowering efficient crop cultivation and resource conservation. Advanced modules foster economic inclusion, address water scarcity, and enhance resilience for global food security.

Monitor Fields From Space

Get Accurate Insights from Satellite Imagery, Machine learning predictive models and weather data to take right decisions at right time


fieldWISE empowers governments with data-driven insights for effective policy-making, resource allocation, and disaster management in agriculture.

Crop Insurance

Advanced risk assessment tools and real-time monitoring, leveraging satellite data for accurate evaluation and mitigation of agricultural risks.

Agri Finance

Offering accurate risk assessment, real-time monitoring of crop health, and precise yield predictions, enabling informed lending decisions.

Food Processing

fieldWISE optimizes food processing companies' supply chain and production planning with real-time crop data, enhancing operational efficiency and profitability.

Agriculture Inputs

Valuable insights to enable tailored product offerings, optimize distribution channels, and enhance customer engagement.

One Solution for All Field Related Decisions

fieldWISE is Your Partner for Smart Agricultural Decisions

Use Cases - Agriculture

Use Cases
  • Use Case: FieldWISE utilizes satellite imagery and AI-driven analytics to provide detailed, real-time damage assessments following natural disasters such as floods or droughts.
  • Benefit: This accurate and timely information streamlines the claims process, enabling quicker payouts and reducing the potential for fraudulent claims.
  • Use Case: FieldWISE leverages remote sensing and predictive analytics to provide real-time data on crop growth stages and yield predictions.
  • Benefit: This data allows food processing companies to plan their raw material sourcing more efficiently, ensuring a steady supply of quality inputs and minimizing disruptions.
  • Use Case: FieldWISE integrates historical crop performance data, current soil health metrics, and environmental conditions to evaluate the risk profile of farmers applying for loans.
  • Benefit: Financial institutions can use this comprehensive data to make more informed lending decisions, reducing the risk of defaults and optimizing loan portfolios.

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