Platform for Climate Smart Agriculture

An integrated agriculture platform equipped with a cutting-edge decision support system that leverages technologies like IoT, remote sensing, and AI/ML. fieldWISE emerges as the beacon of innovation, offering a comprehensive solution for climate resilient agriculture.

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Digital Farming Platform Powered by GIS, Remote Sensing, IoT, AI and MLL for Climate Change Adoption

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Crop Models

GIS Powered Precision Agriculture Platform

Climate Smart Field Monitoring with High Quality Satellite Imagery and AI

fieldWISE empowers the agriculture ecosystem towards data-driven decisions to improve crop success rates by monitoring risks and identifying interventions in near real-time in the age of adverse climate change.

Farms produce thousands of data points on the ground daily. With the help of fieldWISE, we can now analyze a variety of things in real-time such as weather conditions, climatic risks, soil moisture, water usage, pests and diseases, crop health, and soil conditions. fieldWISE acts as one authoritative system that is scalable from the farm level to block, district, state, and country levels.

Food Security

Weather Smart

Production Focused

“From Seeds to Success -An Integrated Platform for all Farm Related Data and Decisions”


Enable various decisions that need huge data inputs, forecasted weather, and various physical characteristics, using artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms. For example, sustainable reservoir operations, irrigation planning, water conservation planning, minimizing floods, water cascades, etc.

Plug and Play Modules

A single window platform to monitor, predict, plan and manage water

Farm Boundary Detection

Utilizes AI on high-resolution satellite data to accurately map agricultural field borders.

Digital Owner-Plot Database

Organizes land ownership and plot details into a comprehensive digital repository.

Plot-wise Crop Map

Utilizes Remote Sensing and AI/ML to map specific crops grown on individual plots.

Crop Planning

Assists farmers in selecting suitable crops based on soil, weather, and market factors.

Crop Detection and Classification

Employ cutting-edge satellite image processing for precise crop type classification and distribution analysis.

Soil Health Card

Recommends nutrient corrections based on soil health card data.

Image-based Pest and Disease Diagnose

AI-based identification of crop pests and diseases for timely intervention.

Crop Yield Assessment

Systematically evaluates agricultural output and organizes farming activities for optimal productivity.

Harvesting Assessment

Monitors harvesting progress using satellite imagery for efficient yield management.

Extreme Event Warning and Management

Provides timely alerts and strategies for mitigating the impact of environmental extremes on agriculture.

Irrigation Planniing

Evaluates land suitability, weather patterns and capacity for irrigation to optimize water resource management.

GenAI Powered Advisories

Assists users through chat or voice-based queries on weather, pest/disease prediction, irrigation, market prices, and government schemes.

Why fieldWISE?

India's First Integrated Agriculture Database and Climate Smart Decision Support System

Quick and Scalable Deployment

Rapid and scalable deployment for immediate impact, scalableright from individual household level to block, ccounty, state and country level.

No-code/Low-code Platform

Easily customisable platform requiring no coding knowledge. Easy one click integrations and plug and play modules.

Data Ready

Our platform offers a seamless integration of diverse data sources, enabling a unified environment where information from IoT sensors, satellite imagery, SCADA systems, and more can be harmoniously combined.

Tech on Cloud

Harnessing the power of cloud technology for efficient and flexible water management.

Team Enablement

Empowering clients with ease in capacity building to ensure smooth adoption and utilization.

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