Land Use Change Intelligence

Combine the power of AI/ML & GIS for Land Use Change Detection

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Digital Water Monitoring and Management System, for better Monitoring, Planning and Management of Water

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Land Use Change Detection

Safeguarding LAND through continuous monitoring

Land is a dynamic asset and its usage keeps changing in accordance to human activities, constructions, agricultural practices, climate related changes like flood, drought, cyclones etc.

The Land Use Intelligence System utilizes near real-time monitoring, AI/ML, and remote sensing for automated identification processes. It serves diverse purposes such as assessing land suitability, monitoring unauthorized land use, tracking infrastructure projects, and analyzing urban areas, sensitive zones, wetlands, forests, habitats, geological patterns, river shores, and more…

Secure Land

Sustainability Growth

Automated Workflows

Insights from Land Use Change Monitoring - Safeguarding Land and Sustainable Urban Expansion

Real-time insights for diverse needs, from urban planning to biodiversity conservation, and defence intelligence - empowering informed decision-making and sustainable development.

Plug and Play Modules

A single window platform to monitor, predict, plan and manage water

Unauthorized Land Use Monitoring

Assess land use change with combination of AI/ML and GIS to classify the land, further monitor changes and review encroachments

Urban Planning

Detect unauthorized land use using land cover data, validate alerts with geo-tagged images for sustainable development.

Linear Construction Monitoring

Monitor road, railway, and bridge construction progress, receive alerts for encroachments, and automate site inspections.

Lift Scheme Optimization

Aautomated flow management systems assesses schemes to optimize transfers.

Forest Health Monitoring

Real-time forest health analysis, deforestation mapping and natural forest monitoring along with forest fire monitoring and damage analysis.

Waterbody Monitoring

Monitor waterbodies with respect to their storage capacity and current storage, health assessment of the waterbodies, as well as get alerts on encroachments

Utility Monitoring

Monitor utility networks in near realtime, get early identification of changes and alerts on unauthorized activities along with historical trends to prevent 3rd party damage.

Monitoring of sensitive zones

Track unauthorized activities in areas of mining and defense spaces. Monitor borders, slope deformation, terrain changes, land use changes etc.

Why aquaWISE?

Industry Leading Water Tech Platforms

Quick and Scalable Deployment

Rapid and scalable deployment for immediate impact, scalableright from individual household level to block, ccounty, state and country level.

No-code/Low-code Platform

Easily customisable platform requiring no coding knowledge. Easy one click integrations and plug and play modules.

Data Ready

Our platform offers a seamless integration of diverse data sources, enabling a unified environment where information from IoT sensors, satellite imagery, SCADA systems, and more can be harmoniously combined.

Tech on Cloud

Harnessing the power of cloud technology for efficient and flexible water management.

Team Enablement

Empowering clients with ease in capacity building to ensure smooth adoption and utilization.

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