Land use
intelligent system

Safeguarding land through continuous monitoring, base out planning decisions by identifying encroachments automatically with smart workflow integration


Leveraging AI/ML in combination for assessment of unauthorize land use

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Encroachment Monitoring

Empowers authorities to safeguard public assets, with near real time monitoring

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Leveraging Smart Land Use Intelligent System

Data ready
Near Real-Time Monitoring

Active monitoring of land use changes further validating the geotagged images and videos

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Automatically classifies buildings in the images and identifies land use changes

Tech on Cloud
Interactive Visualization

Smart dashboards that help visualize encroachments with customized reports for authorities

Hyper local intelligence

Monitors changes in geography, identifies new locations with street level accuracy

Smart Workflow

Built in mobility to unify all the stakeholders for logical conclusion of intelligence

Decision Support

Puts power in the hands of stakeholders, validates changes giving them last mile visibility


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Our Projects

Components of LUIS

Enabling Smart Land Usage



Proactive monitoring to identify unauthorized land and assessing the same using multiple remote sensing datasets. Usage of the latest high resolution satellite technology with AI helps in detecting encroachments and managing the complete workflow defined to tackle the alert.

  • Remote monitoring of encroachment with processed images
  • AI algorithms that provide high accuracy in the detection process
  • Saves time and resources

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Water Bodies

An efficient system that monitors water resources through freely available satellite data with respect to storage capacity and fill percentage. This helps in near-real-time monitoring of water bodies to facilitate protection and rejuvenation programs.

  • Visibility on water bodies with details like capacity and current water volume
  • Identify various reasons or encroachments, accounting capacity losses
  • Near-real time monitoring based on remote sensing data availability
  • Workflow automation for reclamation processes

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Rivers and Tributaries

Smart implementation of GIS and remote sensing to identify river networks providing flow direction. By using scientific assessment of the hydrology of micro basin catchments, it would be possible to know what kind of intervention will yield the maximum result. The focus will be on earthwork, waste weir construction, canal lining etc.

  • Identification of river flow networks
  • Broad-scale assessment of water quality
  • Assessment of hydrology by mapping micro-basin catchments
  • Identify flow direction and accumulation

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Wetlands and Floodplains

An active monitoring system which assesses wetland resources and restoration. For floodplains: mapping a flood using satellite imagery, the inundated area can be compared with a map of the area under pre-flood conditions.

  • Identifies wetlands for restoration and planning
  • Up-to-date satellite imagery of the study area
  • Floodplain inundation monitoring and damage assessment

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Natural Resources

We leverage remote sensing along with AI/ML to monitor natural resources (like forestry, soil and minerals mapping, agriculture, carbon cycle modelling, mining etc. ) by classifying land use, assess the environment and monitor unauthorized activities in near real-time.

  • Advanced remote sensing tools to manage the natural resources effectively
  • Supports authorities in optimizing a sustainable ecosystem
  • Latest use of technology that monitors the small variation in natural resources

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Forest Monitoring

Leveraging remote sensing and GIS for improved management of forest resources helping authorities to monitor growth in forest and assess encroachments. Satellite digital imagery has been a valuable asset in updating various forest attributes and helps in estimating losses due to extreme events like fire, flood and cyclones.

  • Broad monitoring of forest assets
  • Integration of imagery with GIS with multiple layers depicting various attributes
  • Detects forest degradation and maps disturbances
  • In-built mobility of workflow to fill data gaps, allows information dissemination and KRAs

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Why choose us?

Last Mile Visibility
Vassar Labs brings together data from Sensors, Satellite Data, Drone, Mobile Applications, SCADA, Web Scraped Data and Mathematical & Hydrological Models to provide Last Mile Visibility and Decision Support.
We are a family of 180+ members out of which majority are from eminent institutions like NIT, IIT, IIIT’s, IIM’s, and similar.
Delivering future ready scalable solutions that focus on building a breathable ecosystem for precision agriculture, sustainable supply chains, environmental monitoring and enforcement, with enhanced weather and disaster prediction models.
We focus on delivering last mile visibility and decision support solutions into Primary sectors as well as cater to global markets, empowering decision making towards resilience & sustainability.


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Empowering decisions with emergingTechnologies for Resilience and Sustainability.


Empowering decisions with emergingTechnologies for Resilience and Sustainability.


Leveraging AI, Remote Sensing, IoT, Big data and mobility to provide precision farming advisories helping farmer’s to increase their GVA


Empowering smart city administrations for key authorities through varied applications that ensure economic growth, sustainable developments and timely delivery of citizen services


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