Disaster Information
Management System

Unifying multiple data sources to enable strategic disaster management with decision support system and risk advisories


Empowering last mile visibility in Strategic Disaster Management

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Flood Forecasting

Raising advisories for effecient risk management

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Enabling Disaster Management

Data ready
Artificial Intelligence

AI Algorithm to provide weather insights at any given location/point with various impact parameters


Continuous observation of extreme events with respect to its impact zone, and population impacted

Tech on Cloud
Damage Assessment

Drone and satellite based monitoring to assess various losses and plan enumerations

Decision Support

Unified planning and operations with last mile visibility enhancing faster communication


Point information based on GPS, field validation and geo-tagging enabling mobile workflow for productivity


Enabling the sharing of information, coordination of activities and processes unifying stakeholders


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What Our Clients Say

"The solution optimized emergency mangement with its early warning system and risk advisories. Along With Vassar labs, we aim at sustainable developments keeping climate change at the forefront ensuring welfare of the society."

- Principal Secretary (Department of Disaster Management)

Our projects

Components of DIMS

Empowering Strategic Disaster Management


Weather Information

AI algorithms provide weather insights, monitor patterns and predict weather events at point level. The platform can integrate with radar data to track changes within the radar radius and notify authorities for impact of any upcoming disaster, enabling a continuous decision support system and advisories for various risks.

  • Real time monitoring of current weather
  • Weather forecasting for long, medium and short range in heatmap
  • Gives cyclone warnings hence, tracking of the same
  • Keeps a check on sea roughness

Ensemble Forecast

Estimates the current state of the atmosphere giving an indication of future weather events. Probabilities regarding the types of weather events that might occur given the unavoidable degree of uncertainty in the ecosystem.

  • Present the range of future weather possibilities
  • Indicates the risk of damage associated with a natural disaster
  • Interactive visualization for easy understanding of reports


A system that provides periodical weather information given the small changes in the atmosphere over a very short period of time. With rapid updation, high resolution observations of thunderstorms, cyclones, hail, heavy precipitation and severe wind is continually monitored during high-impact weather via frequently updated integrated displays.

  • Real time satellite based visibility giving an assessment of extreme events
  • Analysis of extreme rain and storm situations as cyclone travel
  • Realtime path analysis of cyclone
  • Identifies crop loss due severe weather events
  • Plans intervention as well as post event support

Flood Forecasting

A predicting model that estimates the magnitude, timing and duration of flooding based on known characteristics integrated inundation mapping based on flow forecast, drain capacity and digital elevation model. With artificial intelligence, real time forecasting is presented catering to early warnings and disaster prevention.

  • Identifies villages in the inundation area and raise advisories
  • For established river basins uses existing alert levels
  • For other basins, establishes risk levels and inundation layers
  • Near real time visualization with lead time 4-48 hrs.

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Integrates all cyclone information at one place with impact data, along with monitoring of cloud temperature and movements with remote sensing giving warnings pertaining to any approach of the same. Provides advisories for risks enabling a decision support system for that last mile visibility.

  • Cyclone path, landfall location and impact time estimation
  • Early warnings and risk advisories
  • Realtime impact zone visibility and assessment
  • Get understanding of impact area and population affected

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Damage assessment

Drone based assessment of damage after extreme events, enumerating the drone based data. Satellite based imagery gives access to the affected area saving time empowering fast control measures to recover the ecosystem.

  • Mobile based field validation and geo-tagging
  • Satellite based damage assessment of crops, combined withe-crop booking
  • Drone based damage assessment where applicable

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Drinking water stress

Predicts onset of water stress both at villages and urban areas estimating water requirements over the next 2-4 weeks and water availability in the reservoir as well as other demands to manage stress.

  • Finds influence area of the reservoir
  • Interactive predictions of drinking water stress
  • Determines the population serviced by the reservoir
  • Monitors the quantity as well as quality of water

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Why choose us?

Last Mile Visibility
Vassar Labs brings together data from Sensors, Satellite Data, Drone, Mobile Applications, SCADA, Web Scraped Data and Mathematical & Hydrological Models to provide Last Mile Visibility and Decision Support.
We are a family of 180+ members out of which majority are from eminent institutions like NIT, IIT, IIIT’s, IIM’s, and similar.
Delivering future ready scalable solutions that focus on building a breathable ecosystem for precision agriculture, sustainable supply chains, environmental monitoring and enforcement, with enhanced weather and disaster prediction models.
We focus on delivering last mile visibility and decision support solutions into Primary sectors as well as cater to global markets, empowering decision making towards resilience & sustainability.


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Empowering decisions with emergingTechnologies for Resilience and Sustainability.


Empowering decisions with emergingTechnologies for Resilience and Sustainability.


Leveraging AI, Remote Sensing, IoT, Big data and mobility to provide precision farming advisories helping farmer’s to increase their GVA


Empowering smart city administrations for key authorities through varied applications that ensure economic growth, sustainable developments and timely delivery of citizen services


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