Leveraging Smart City Solutions

Empowering smarter city administrations by availing decision support to key authorities through various applications which ensure economic growth, sustainable developments and timely delivery of citizen services.

cityWISE: Platform for Smart City Governance

A unified geo-spatial decision support platform that helps administrators to improve effectiveness and transparency in delivering citizen services. Application of emerging technologies cites actionable insights on various facets of Sustainable developments.

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Ease of Use

The platform also comes with features like GIS portal, Analytics, Dashboard elements like tables, charts etc that help in visualizing data using maps and smart widgets to derive actionable insights

Use of AI

AI models in combination with power of location intelligence help saving a lot of time and efforts in computations and run various hydrology, hydraulic, crop models in near realtime to provide actionable insights.

Tech on Cloud

The platform is packaged with features that helps process collected data and then aggregate it so that effective insights can be derived. All of these features are enabled by state-of-the-art technology.

Data Ready

The platform supports data collected from various sources like IOT sensors, Satellites, API Integrations, Crowd sourcing using Mobile app and process it for next level of operations.


Platform Overview

cityWISE helps building an authoritative system that empowers effective municipal administrations and urban development activities by providing unified solutions for varied applications such as city infrastructure/health monitoring, water charges, property taxes, road quality assessment, public grievance redressal etc. This geospatial decision support system helps administrators in efficient city governance ensuring public welfare.

Decision Support System Empowering Stakeholders

Enables efficient decision making by unifying data with location intelligence, productivity assessments and leverage standardized processes across urban local bodies. This Geo-spatial decision support platform helps administrators to improve effectiveness and transparency in city administration. The system also raises risk advisories that helps authorities in timely Disaster Management.

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Plug & Play Modules

Land Use Change Monioring

Enabling near real-time monitoring of land use changes using satellite imagery helping in understanding the land use trends and providing actionable insights

Encroachment Monitoring & Removal Workflow

Assists with near real monitoring to identify any land encroachments safeguarding public assets resulting in improved productivity and performance

Building Permission & Deviation Monitoring

Enables identification of new constructions and buildings leveraging AI and satellite imagery ensuring compliance to building permissions and monitoring building deviations for smooth city administration

Municipal Administration

Ensuring smooth administration through application specific geoportals for property tax, water charges, water supply, compliances etc. Providing last mile visibility for revenue collection and service delivery

City Infrastructure Health Monitoring

Monitors the extent of green cover, road quality, garbage points etc. enabling city hygiene and quality living for an effective city governance and public welfare

Public grievance & Redressal system

Resolves citizen grievances within SLA limits, focuses to improve citizen services and also enables functionaries to drive compliance and plan resources better based on the need

Citizen Services

Unified visibility for water connections, registrars, trade licenses, e-permits etc. that helps administrators improve effectiveness and transparency for smooth city governance ensuring public welfare.

Urban Flood

AI/ML embedded technologies that sends early flood warnings and integrates inundation mapping leveraging smart decision support. Disaster prevention advisories ensuring last mile visibility

Water Supply & Sanitation

Satellite based remote sensing that monitors networks

Disaster Management

The system monitors patterns and cites early warnings on extreme weather events. Integrates all modules and provides an unified decision support on emergency risk management.

Sustainable Development

Active monitoring that leverages actionable developments of natural/economic resources. A decision support system that sustains balance across all facets of the ecosystem.

City Financial health

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