Case Studies


Harnessing latest technologies to provide unified visibility into water resources through a single platform

Kaleshwaram Lift Scheme

Optimizing lift scheme operations with real-time visibity of end to end water transfer

Inflow Forecast

Leveraging latest technologies like AI, IoT along with the remote sensing to render flood forecasting and early warning through lead time assistance

Flood Forecast

Smart Decision Support System and flow modelling which helps authorities in mitigating risks

Reservoir Management

Enabling smart and efficient reservoir management using latest technologies

NCA- River Basin Optimization

Empowering river basin optimization to leverage sustainable water management

Water Spread Area Monitoring

Ensuring water security with real time monitoring to enhance sustainability


Ensuring equitable distribution of water by optimizing Command Area mangement

India WRIS

Enabling realtime visbility into water resources for key authorities

Kerala WRIS

An authoritative system for efficient mangement of water resources

Integrated Water Management

An Integrated Water management solution that enables unified visibility across various water resources


Leveraging smart technologies to automate the assessment of Ground Water resources for proper planning and management


Raising decision support advisories to stakeholders during the entire lifecycle of crop – from sowing to harvest.


Driving precision towards a sustainable agriculture

Pest Infestation

Leveraging AI/ML with weather data and forecast to overcome Pest infestation to improve crop health

Smart City Geo-portal

Empowering smooth city administrations and timely delivery of citizen services

Land Use Intelligence System

Leveraging AI/ML in combination for assessment of unauthorize land use

Encroachment Monitoring

Empowers authorities to safeguard public assets, with near real time monitoring

Digital Municipality

Delivering multiple municipal services through a single window enabling smarter city governance

Water Supply Planning

Leveraging last mile water supply planning from source to habitat

Drone monitoring for city infrastructure

Drone based assessment to ensure protection of city infrastructure


Safeguarding publc lands with continous monitoring


Raising risk advisories to provide last mile visibility in Strategic Disaster Management

Oil & Gas Client

Ensuring timely execution of maintenance tasks and optimizing asset utilization

Pulp & Paper Client (F500)

Leveraging Big data for optimized order fulfilment

Logistics Client

Optimizing order fulfilment to maximize customer KPIs

Telecommunications Client

Leveraging end to end visibility of supply chain processes

Truck Delivery

A system that tracks delivery of grocery trucks and also provides decision support to identify available parking spots for drivers


Enables identification of products that have been tampered within the supply chain and detects counterfeit products

Smart Education

Empowering technology driven learning outcomes