Platform for Energy Management and Hydropower Operations

An integrated platform that empowers Renewable Energy Management with Real-time Insights and Predictive Hydropower Operations. Maximise Efficiency and Profits for Sustainable Energy Generation.

RenWISE: Re-inventing Distributed Energy Management and Hydropower Optimisation

Real-time insights into water and energy systems using technologies like digital twin, IoT and AI/ML to boost project performance and efficiency across industries for managing energy and water.

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Ease of Use

The platform comes with features like a GIS portal, Analytics, and Dashboard elements like tables, charts etc, that help in visualizing data using maps and smart widgets to derive actionable insights.

Use of AI

AI models in combination with the power of location intelligence help save a lot of time and effort in computations and run various hydrology, hydraulic, and crop models in near real-time to provide actionable insights.

Tech on Cloud

The platform is packaged with features that help process collected data and then aggregate it so that effective insights can be derived. All of these features are enabled by state-of-the-art technology.

Data Ready

The platform supports data collected from various sources like IOT sensors, Satellites, API Integrations, and Crowd-sourcing using a Mobile app and processes it for the next level of operations.


Smart Energy Management Overview

Efficiently and Sustainably schedule water releases considering various constraints of water & power systems for improved operational efficiency and reduced energy consumption as well as environmental impact.

Decision Support System Empowering Stakeholders

Platform tailored for optimizing hydropower operations and renewable energy management. It offers real-time insights into the renewable energy portfolio, forecasting current and future energy generation, predicting reservoir inflows, and planning hydropower based on wind and solar forecasts. This DSS system is designed to help operators and decision-makers in the energy industry make informed decisions, maximizing hydropower generation while meeting industrial and water needs.

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Key Modules - Energy and Hydropower Management System

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Digital Twin

The platform creates a virtual representation of the entire natural and conveyance networks to enable real-time understanding of water and energy systems and provide capabilities to run scenario simulations.

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Distributed Energy Resources Management

Empowering grid operators to connect, see, control, and optimize distributed energy resources (DERs) from a technical and financial perspective, assisting utilities in providing clean, dependable, and reasonably priced energy.

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Energy Manager

Minimize energy use, enhance utilization, boost dependability, forecast system performance in different scenarios, and optimize energy use to cut costs.

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Inflow Forecasting

Inflow Forecasting Systems are essential in managing floods and reducing their impact by predicting water inflow into rivers and reservoirs, aiding in flood control and mitigation efforts.

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Hydropower Optimization

The platform brings water and energy systems together by leveraging real-time data from weather, reservoirs, rivers, SCADA, satellite, water demands, power systems, forecasts etc. and enables accurate, and fast optimizations, balancing all constraints and yet maximizing environmental and economic benefits.

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Energy Portfolio Management

Utilise vital data and tools to assist your energy operations, including forecasting, fleet optimisation, and study of market trends and income streams. With emissions accounting and trading, energy and commodities trading, RECs trading and optimisation, as well as market scheduling and settlement, you can quickly assess fresh information and seize trade opportunities.

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Flood Early Warning

A comprehensive platform that integrates static and dynamic data sources, enabling various hydrology and hydraulic models to run on the cloud. Further, it provides real-time visibility on inflows in reservoirs, early warning on floods, impact zones and simulations of breach scenarios.

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Hydrology Model Builder

Hydrological models can be used to simulate and analyze various aspects of the water cycle, including rainfall, runoff, river flow, and groundwater movement. It can be further leveraged to improve decision-making for hydropower operations.