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Using tech for better water management In conversation with Laxmiprasad Putta, Founder & CEO of Vassar Labs

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Improve efficiency of processes with the power of IoT and stay in sync with advanced technology


Leveraging last mile visibility with high resolution satellite imagery and avail smart decision support


Harnessing industry 4.0 with AI/ML to reinvent business processes and centralize goals

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Manage data with actionable insights to frame strategies and streamline smart workflow


Increased flexibility that reduces manual efforts and automates processes

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Smart workflow that connects authorities and leverages efficient management

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Why choose us?

Last Mile Visibility
Vassar Labs brings together data from Sensors, Satellite Data, Drone, Mobile Applications, SCADA, Web Scraped Data and Mathematical & Hydrological Models to provide Last Mile Visibility and Decision Support.
We are a family of 180+ members out of which majority are from eminent institutions like NIT, IIT, IIIT’s, IIM’s, and similar.
Delivering future ready scalable solutions that focus on building a breathable ecosystem for precision agriculture, sustainable supply chains, environmental monitoring and enforcement, with enhanced weather and disaster prediction models.
We focus on delivering last mile visibility and decision support solutions into Primary sectors as well as cater to global markets, empowering decision making towards resilience & sustainability.


Our focus is on last mile visibility


Predictive Maintenance

Ensuring timely execution of maintenance tasks and optimizing asset utilization by estimating time of completion and predictive maintenance. IoT sensors detect pump operating characteristics like flow, pressure, temperature, vibrations, operating hours etc.

  • Leveraging advanced technology to raise preventive alerts
  • Optimizing asset utilization by estimating completion time
  • Smart workflow that ensures timely execution of maintenance tasks

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Water Resources
Information & Management

Empowering decisions with a comprehensive, authoritative and cites information on water resources providing near real-time visibility into water available from rainfall, reservoirs, canals, minor irrigation tanks, groundwater etc.

  • One authoritative system for all water resources related information
  • Provides real-time visibility of all water assets
  • Helps key decision makers for effective planning of water resource management

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Leveraging AI, remote sensing, IoT, Big data and mobility to provide precision farming advisories helping farmers to increase their GVA- from sowing to harvest.

  • Decision support and actionable advisories on complete agri-ecosystem
  • Effective crop planning and transparent access to schemes
  • Drive towards precision agriculture with farm level timely advisories

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Disaster Information
Management System

Enabling last mile visibility on strategic disaster management by enabling impact assessment and risk advisories catering faster communication among authorities for efficient emergency management.

  • Ensures strategic disaster management with smart decision support
  • Early warnings on extreme weather events leveraging risk advisories
  • Drone & satellite based monitoring to assess losses and plan enumeration

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Smart Cities

A unified Geo-spatial decision support platform that helps administrators to improve effectiveness and transparency in city administration through various applications ensuring economic growth, sustainable developments and timely delivery of citizen services.

  • Smart city Geoportal for effective city administrations and public welfare
  • Drone based assessment of all government assets
  • Active monitoring and actionable planning for sustainable developments

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Land Use Intelligence

Leveraging AI/ML in combination with high resolution satellite imagery for assessment of land use changes. The system identifies encroachments and generates alerts for authorities automating workflow.

  • Near real-time monitoring of land to identify unauthorized use
  • Remote monitoring of encroachment, validating with processed image
  • Hyper local intelligence identifies changes in geography given a region

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KPI Fulfillment

AI based order fulfilment to maximize customer KPIs that gives full performance visibility with smart dashboards and generates reports at your fingertips.

  • Optimized order fulfilment to maximize customer KPIs
  • Smart dashboards giving order fulfilment performance visibility
  • Unifies functions from logistics to customer commitments

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