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A WISE Platform for Productivity

The Integrated Platform is based on event-driven architecture pattern which is a popular distributed asynchronous architecture pattern used to produce highly scalable applications. It is also highly adaptable and can be used for small applications as well as large, complex ones.

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Actionable Insights

Decision making made simple with data driven insights for day to day operations improving efficiency and productivity.

Power of Location

Data with the power of locations translates into very powerful insights, displayed with various GIS Layers on an interactive map.

Artificial Intelligence

AI technologies for enhancing business operations and ensuring process automation and predictive power for your business.

Data Ready

Enables large scale data collection, processing and storage of collected data which are diversified in nature, like spatial, business, IoT, drones, satellites, etc


Platform Overview

Eliminating time consuming manual processes and engaging all the stakeholders to a common platform for easy accessibility and quick actions.

Best Platform for the Technological Era

Visualize, analyze, and interpret geospatial data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends in relation to other data and Custom AI/ML models for various use cases with over 80% accuracy to ensure least manual interventions in data operations.

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Adaption of WISE

With fragmented IT systems, we do not have full visibility to the data that drives real-time decisions. Operational inefficiencies make it difficult to align processes or collaborate effectively. The real value lies in the improved integration and collaboration across authorities, enabling the sharing of information and coordination of daily activities and processes, and hence WISE has been adapted.


aquaWISE aims as a ‘Single Window’ solution for comprehensive, authoritative and consistent data & information of water resources for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).


agriWISE is an integrated crop management system that provides Decision Support and raises advisories to Stakeholders before the crops get sowed until harvest. It starts with what crop to sow and monitor farm in near realtime providing advisories at key stages.


cityWISE brings together data from GIS Survey, ERP data, satellite, drone survey, outputs from machine learning algorithms into one authoritative system of record, that can be used by Application specific Geoportal, to monitor and improve city infrastructure and help getting more revenues.

Digital Transformation & Sustainability

Harnessing Industry 4.0 with Smart technology, people, and processes in pursuit of new business models enabling enterprises to transform their businesses through technological disruption. We aim at working towards a sustainable future with solutions that solve complex problems of primary sectors further creating an impact in the society.

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