Smart City

A geospatial decision support platform for effective city administrations and governance for public welfare

Smart City Geoportal

Empowering smooth city administrations and timely delivery of citizen services

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Digital Municipality

Delivering multiple municipal services through a single window to empower smarter city governance

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Empowering Smart City Solutions

Data ready
Unified Solutions

Decision support for city governance with the help of applications like property, water, trades, registrars, compliances etc

Drone based monitoring
Drone based monitoring

Compares deviation images, green cover monitoring, road quality assessment, black spot monitoring etc

Citizen Services
Citizen Services

Monitors all the services offered to citizens the digital way with their current status


On-boarding of new application to the platform without any hassle and leverage GIS capabilities

Smart Workflow

Enabling smooth city administration helping authorities maintain transparency

Ease of use

User friendly interface that helps administrators improve effectiveness


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What Our Clients Say

"The system empowered efficient city administrations wherein citizen services were timely delivered. Along With Vassar labs, we aim at sustainable developments keeping both economical and environmental growth at forefront, ensuring public welfare."

- Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration

Our projects

Components of DMA

Leveraging Smart City Developments


Building Compliance

Drone based monitoring compares deviation images with permission management systems to check the validity of construction. Once identified, the unauthorised new addition is passed back for corrective measures to ensure actionable change.

  • Monitors deviation from the plan
  • Notifies unauthorised addition in a building
  • Keeps a check on building height and built up area
  • Generates alerts if there is change in road access width and offsets

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Property Tax Geo-portal

GIS enabled property tax information system unifies solutions for administrators, keeps track of large records i.e. property tax details collection, dues, property identifiers etc. for easy governance of work. Maps unmapped properties and creates a visual database to maintain effectiveness as well as transparency.

  • Residential and non-residential assessments who have paid property taxes
  • Notifies the top defaulters
  • Alerts on people with overdue and likely to pay tax
  • Best path for the day and assessments to focus on

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Water Supply

Effectively monitors and manages the water connection coverage. The users get actionable insights on the water supply network in an area to improve efficiency in supplying water to households. Embedded smart technology showcases the pipelines and networks providing smart decision support.

  • The application classifies various types of water pipe construction material
  • Styles the type of water network line on the map i.e. main line, pumping line
  • Optimizes water supply saving time and resources

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Green Cover monitoring

Covers are identified from the processed images and digital surface model (DSM). Data from drones are classified using machine learning algorithms to help administrators identify the areas which require more green cover and prioritize the locations which need more plantations.

  • Detecting change helps monitor city’s green cover development
  • Keeps a check on deforestation, regeneration of green cover
  • Supports administrators in balancing city’s ecosystem

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Road quality assessment

Detects bad patches, erosions and potholes on the road using machine learning algorithms. Drone survey captures processed images which helps determine the damage and the aid to it. Attempts in scaling the road qualities to ensure urbanization with high precision that helps authorities develop the city.

  • Getting actionable insights on the quality of roads
  • A decision support system to assist in road construction progress monitoring
  • Prioritizing the locations to repair roads

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Why choose us?

Last Mile Visibility
Vassar Labs brings together data from Sensors, Satellite Data, Drone, Mobile Applications, SCADA, Web Scraped Data and Mathematical & Hydrological Models to provide Last Mile Visibility and Decision Support.
We are a family of 180+ members out of which majority are from eminent institutions like NIT, IIT, IIIT’s, IIM’s, and similar.
Delivering future ready scalable solutions that focus on building a breathable ecosystem for precision agriculture, sustainable supply chains, environmental monitoring and enforcement, with enhanced weather and disaster prediction models.
We focus on delivering last mile visibility and decision support solutions into Primary sectors as well as cater to global markets, empowering decision making towards resilience & sustainability.


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Empowering decisions with emergingTechnologies for Resilience and Sustainability.


Empowering decisions with emergingTechnologies for Resilience and Sustainability.


Leveraging AI, Remote Sensing, IoT, Big data and mobility to provide precision farming advisories helping farmer’s to increase their GVA


Empowering smart city administrations for key authorities through varied applications that ensure economic growth, sustainable developments and timely delivery of citizen services


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