Water Supply & Sanitation

This module empowers authorities by optimal supply of water at the right time with right quality and quantity. also, identifies supply deficits and improves it. This system also does drone based assessment of unauthorize garbage dump leveraging city hygiene.


Efficient Water Supply & Sanitation

This system leverages optimal water supply by considering all the constrains and identifies network path that helps in efficient distribution. Reliable surface water source identification, allocation and house level demand mapping empowers authorities. Black spot monitoring assess unauthorize garbage dumps which further empowers proper maintenance of city hygiene.

Water Supply Planning

Leveraging last mile supply planning from source to habitat

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Digital Municipality

Delivering multiple municipal services through a single window to empower smarter city governance

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Why You Should have this

Urban Water Audit

Ensures right amount of water supply at right time also identifies supply deficits

Leakage Detection

Calculates volume imbalances for each balance segment and identifies leaks

Demand Mapping

Instant geo-tagging captures head count, houses to be served and nearest source for water supply

Water Quality & Coverage

Near real-time monitoring of water quality via sensors, identifies water coverage with GIS heatmap

Distribution Planning

Considers all the constrains and identifies optimal network path for efficient distribution

Blackspot Monitoring

Drone based monitoring of unauthorized garbage dump also tracks its removal

More Than Water Supply & Sanitation

Our cityWISE platform includes

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