Sustainable Development

This module helps authorities build a resilient community with long-term economic and environmental sustainability that leverage proactive response plans to boost a balance in the ecosystem.


Leveraging Sustainable Developments

This system analyzes a community's role in protecting local and global natural resources. Identifies areas that may be impacted by climate change. Location intelligence empowers critical decisions about land use, emergency preparedness, transportation, public spaces, residential or commercial areas and helps achieve sustainability goals by measuring, monitoring and reporting.


Empowering last mile visibility in Strategic Disaster Management

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Drone Based Monitoring

Drone based assessment to ensure protection of city infrastructure

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Why You Should have this

Monitoring Growth

Monitors growth opportunities and leverages development plans

Agriculture Information

Keeps a check on seasonal trends, crop health, soil moisture etc. and leverages optimal maintenance actions

Poverty Mapping

Mobilization of resources to ensure building resilience of the poor

Climate Change Impact

Monitors carbon footprints and notifies when there is a change in climate factors

Water Supply & Sanitation

Eliminates water supply deficits, leverages drone based assessments to maintain city hygiene

Disaster Management

Smart decision support leverages operations for effective emergency management

More Than Sustainable Development

Our cityWISE platform includes

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