City Infrastructure Health Monitoring

Monitors the extent of green cover, road quality, garbage points etc. enabling city hygiene and quality living for an effective city governance and public welfare


Wise City monitoring

This module renders insights into the quality of roads, green cover in the city, garbage points etc. ensuring city hygiene and helps enhancing the quality of living. Interactive GIS enabled application helps understand the city infrastructure with the help of remote sensing , drone surveys etc.

Drone Based Monitoring

Drone based assessment to ensure protection of city infrastructure

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Digital Municipality

Delivering multiple municipal services through a single window to empower smarter city governance

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Why You Should have this

Unified Visibility

Provides a unified visibility into city infrastructure assets

Data intelligence

Understanding the efficiency of services

Remote sensing assessment

Helps assessing the health of water bodies, green cover, quality of roads etc.

Decision support sytem

Provides actionable insights for decision support to improve city health

Drone based monitoring

Helps monitoring building deviations and compliances, blackspots etc.

Quality of life analysis

Estimating the overall well being of the individuals

More Than City Infrastructure Health Monitoring

Our cityWISE platform includes

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