City Financial health

Eabling near real-time monitoring of land use changes using satellite imagery helping in understanding the land use trends and providing actionable insights


Automatic identification of unauthorized land use

The objective of this module is structured, operational, ongoing, and timely collection and delivery of accurate and relevant data, information and knowledge on land use change by leveraging satellite imagery. It produces land-use change maps from recent and historic satellite imagery assisting in key decision making and monitoring progress and impact of plans and strategies.


Empowering smooth city administrations and timely delivery of citizen services

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Digital Municipality

Delivering multiple municipal services through a single window to empower smarter city governance

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Why You Should have this

Land use trends

Assists with identification and understanding of urbanization, poverty trends etc.

Unauthorized use

Helps identification of unauthorized use through satellite imagery

Work Progress

Helps understanding the growth in urban development plans as planned

Geospatial dashboards

Helps visualize land use changes and take required actions

Location intelligence

Renders intelligence about infrastructure and development activities in a specific zone

Economic assessment

Provides insights into economic activities to identify asset value of profits and losses

More Than City Financial health

Our cityWISE platform includes

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