Watershed planning & Management

Planning intervention to mitigate water deficit of watersheds at the micro level ensuring healthy watersheds leading to healthy rivers and tributaries which contributes to the overall well being of mankind


Empowering watershed planning and management

AI based hydrological, geological and surface modeling to get an understanding of the location for estimating the location of a conservation structure to be constructed considering the historical rainfall patterns

Enabling an effective watershed planning

Using AI based models to predict pinpoint locations

Ensuring visibility into Inflow forecasting

Harnessing remote sensing based Data elevation model (DEM)

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Hydrological Profiling

Aids with the hydrological profiling enabling desired visibility

Funds Allocation Management

Helps with appropriate funds allocation for planning construction of water conservation structures

Artificial Intelligence

Harnesses AI based models for appropriate location prediction

Work Progress Monitoring

Assists with the flood risk mitigation through the technical insights

Mobile Workflow

Enabling field staff with mobile-app based validation of predicted structure sites

Impact Assessment

Enabling planning and assessment of scientific watershed activities to maximize the impact

More Than Watershed planning & Management

Our aquaWISE platform includes

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