Water ERP

Enables tracking and managing water management project activities for efficient implementation of the project as well as provides the right information to the right set of people at the right time to enable adaptive project management, reviewing, reporting and decision support.


A 360° water Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

Water ERP serves as a platform that helps combine various methods that will allow the water department to define information required, collate, analyze and share with the stakeholders involved in the project so the right decisions can be made ensuring the objectives are met. The data is collated from field based mobile application, drones, online remote CCTVs, satellite images, as well as data entered through the mobile portal by the contractors and department officials.


Harnessing latest technologies to provide unified visibility into water resources in a single platform

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An authoritative system for effective mangement of water resources

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Why You Should have this

Reporting Assistance

Provides performance reports, financial reports, productivity reports etc. ensuring better management

Optimized performance

Ensures enhanced performance by useful insights saving costs incurred

Work Progress Monitoring

Helps tracking ongoing work in process to avoid roadblocks and initiate timely actions if required

Real time insights

Provides real time information into various components of a project resulting in process improvement

Land Acquisition & Rehabilitation

Provides with the required Land Acquisition & Rehabilitation details

360 degree improvement

Helps attaining overall improvement and a proper execution of a project

More Than Water ERP

Our aquaWISE platform includes

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