A comprehensive single window platform which creates Digital Twin of large scale water systems as well as supply networks, for realtime monitoring and efficient management to meet SLAs.


Ensuring Water Security

cityWRIMS is built using our aquaWISE platform, which uses AI/ML and geospatial technologies to cite insights on key operations of the urban water ecosystem. This includes water supply and network monitoring, connection management, distribution planning, asset management etc.


Karnataka Urban Water Management

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Digital Transformation for end-to-end water management

Digital Twin

Next gen virtual reality of the physical urban water ecosystem helps in realtime tracking of water supply and distribution.

Non Revenue Water Monitoring

Realtime tracking of water, leak detection alerts and accounting on loss to optimize water distribution networks.

Demand & Supply

Aggregate sectoral demand/supply data for policy level decision support, water accounting and insights on deficit management.

Water Billing

Data driven insights on billing and collection performance within SLA. Visibility on aggregate, clusters and individual users levels.

Connection Management

Smart workflow integration i.e. from a new connection to managing the existing ones.

Asset Management

Alerts on asset failures, leakages or losses. Predictive triggers on asset maintenance, remaining useful life and service records

More Than Urban Flood Early Warning Systems & Management

Our aquaWISE platform includes

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