Urban Flood Early Warning Systems & Management

A real-time early warning system that forecasts ahead of its time, assists authorities through flood simulation and caters preventive measures that helps mitigate the impact of flood ensuring optimized risk management.


Empowering Authorities

A near real-time flood control and management system that empowers authorities to take data driven decisions to mitigate the required deficit in drought prone regions and help alleviate the impact of flood in longer run with proper assessment of climate change factors


Leveraging last mile visibility on strategic disaster management by enabling impact assessment and risk advisories

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Drone Based Monitoring

Drone based assessment to ensure protection of city infrastructure

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Why You Should have this

Simulation and Dashboards

Showcases impact scenarios via simulations and assess them with respective dashboards

Disaster Management

Smart decision support leverages operations for effective emergency management

Early Warning System

Forecasts impacts ahead of its time issuing preventive measures that mitigates risks

Impact Assessment

Satellite and Drone based damage assessment to understand civic losses

Inundation Mapping

Provides visibility of inundated area with impact assessment

Decision Support

Unifies all modules and leverages last mile visibility with actionable insights

More Than Urban Flood Early Warning Systems & Management

Our aquaWISE platform includes

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