Reservoir optimization

Assists with the planning of the reservoir operations based on the reservoir specific operational rules to minimize citizen impact


Enabling Efficient Reservoir Operations

Renders a decision support system for reservoir flow moderation according to handbook perfect operations that includes minimizing deficit sharing, meeting requirements, mitigating flood risks etc. The reservoir specific information is collected through IoT based sensors that track the time-tagged information.

Reservoir Management

Empowering authorities by leveraging efficient resrvoir operations

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India WRIS

Enabling realtime visbility into water resources for key authorities

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Why You Should have this

Holistic Visibility

Renders understanding of the current status of the reservoirs, rainfall trend and forecasts etc.

Perfect Handbook Operations

Ensures smooth reservoir functioning achieving standard reservoir regulation norms

IoT based solution

Uses IOT based sensors that tracks the time tagged information about reservoir parameters

Flood Mitigation

Provides lead time helping in mitigating the flood risk

Operational Insights

Helps with the insights for water release plan enabling flow regulation

Smart warning sytem

Raises prompt alerts and advisories on risk to take preventive measures

More Than Reservoir optimization

Our aquaWISE platform includes

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