Lift scheme management and optimization

This module manages deficit by lifting water from surplus basin and provides all the lift schemes related information on web through gis and mis dashboard.


Smart Lift Scheme Operations

The System collects daily Lift Irrigation Scheme operation status and irrigation coverage status ensuring optimum productivity and cost of operations with real-time lift scheme operations management. Based on computed inflows and downstream demands this module provides insights on water levels, pump houses, canals and reservoirs optimizing the lift irrigation scheme operations.


optimizing lift scheme operations with real-time visibity of end to end water transfer

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Inflow Forecast

Harnessing latest technologies like AI, IoT along with the remote sensing to render flood forecasting and early warning through lead time assistance

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Why You Should have this

Near real-time monitoring

GIS based visibility of each lift scheme till last link level

Mobile Workflow

Mobile app enables smart workflow with interactive visualization of water levels

Operations Optimizations

Achieve optimum productivity with real-time lift scheme operations management

Simulation & Dashboards

Displays real-time scenarios validated by dashboards which helps authorities take smart decisions

Minimise Cost of operations

Smart operations reduces dependency on manual efforts hence, optimized cost

Decision Support

Actionable advisories on efficient management of lift scheme operations

More Than Lift Scheme Management and Operations

Our water resource information and management platform includes

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