Inflow forecast

System Assisting with inflow forecasting along with the lead time through hydrological and mathematical models helping with actionable insights


Near real-time information for inflows

Provides visibility into the amount of water that will be incoming into the reservoirs, or catchment area over the next few days by using hydrological and mathematical models leading to preventive actionable insights. The intensity of same decides if its going to converse as flood or not

Inflow Forecast

Harnessing latest technologies like AI, IoT along with the remote sensing to render flood forecasting and early warning through lead time assistance

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Flood Forecasting

Smart DSS that helps authorities in mitigating risks

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Why You Should have this

Lead Time

Provides a lead time of up to a week to ensure sustainable reservoir operation

Hydropower Planning

Assists with an efficient hydropower planning through forecasting insights

Lift scheme Operations

Enables optimizing lift schemes or Inter basin transfers

Risk Mitigation

Helps mitigate the risk of flood or drought through forecasting insights

Operational insights

Ahead of time inflow forecast for reservoir operation strategies

Last mile visibility

Provides Visibility of stream performance and forecasts in an interactive manner

More Than Inflow Forecast

Our aquaWISE platform includes

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