Drinking Water Stress

Predicts onset of water stress both at villages and urban areas estimating water requirements over the next few weeks and water availability in the reservoir as well as others to forecast required quantity of water to mitigate stress


Facilitating drinking water stress monitoring

Estimates infancy of drinking water stress in rural villages where borewells are primary source of drinking water supply. Solution needs to bring together real-time weather data, ground water data, forecast data, current tanker supply data, historical tanker supply data and historical stress data to present rural water supply stress on a Web-GIS based dashboard.

Water spread area monitoring systemRural water supply stress visibility system

With remote sensing in near real-time

flood forecasting and early warning

By using IoT and Artificial Intelligence

Why You Should have this

Ensuring water supply

Water supply is the fundamental duty of the administration

Water Stress Assessment

Assess and classifies different regions as critical, moderate and normal

Early warning system

Predicts onset of water stress a week ahead for regions more prone to stress

Tanker Management

Estimating demand and monitoring supply via GIS enabled tankers

Intervention planning

Assists with required information to mitigate the risk of water shortage


Helps Identify the water required and plan sustainable ways to mitigate deficit

More Than Drinking Water Stress

Our aquaWISE platform includes

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