Command Area Development & Management

This module aims to bridge the gap between irrigation potential created & utilized ensuring timely distribution of irrigation water for efficient water management.


Effective Command Area Planning

This system aims at optimizing command area management by reducing the gap between irrigation potential created and that utilized. Also, enhances agricultural production and productivity in irrigated commands by judicious and equitable distribution of the available irrigation water.


Ensuring equitable distribution of water by optimizing Command Area mangement

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Pest Infestation

Leveraging AI/ML with weather data and forecast to overcome Pest infestation to improve crop health

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Why You Should have this

Equitable Water Distribution

Tracks offtake wise demand information and estimates actual water demand ensuring timely supply

Crop Health Statistics

Leverages actionable insights on crop growth and health parameters

Reduces water pilferages

The system keeps a check on water wastage to eliminate under utilization

Estimates Water Stress

Predicts onset of water stress and estimates water requirement for both villages and urban areas

Smart Monitoring

Tracks irrigational information and validates its potential for proper utilization

Decision Support

Leverages insights, plans day to day operations and monitors performance of all offtake points

More Than Control & Command Centre

Our aquaWISE platform includes

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