Agriculture Information Management System

Agriculture Information Management System ensuring maximum
crop yield by crop planning assistance during the entire crop lifecycle


Raising decision support advisories to stakeholders during the entire lifecycle of crop – from sowing to harvest

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Driving precision towards a sustainable agriculture

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Ensuring sustainable agriculture

Data ready
Crop Acreage Estimation

Based on the unique crop signatures captured by using Indices and Bands in Optical and Microwave satellite imagery

Artificial Intelligence
Data Driven Advisories

Advisories like what/when to sow,moisture stress,Pest & Disease alerts etc. enhancing crop productivity

Tech on Cloud
Tech on Cloud

Solution deployed on private/public cloud assisting different stakeholders

Agriculture database

Unified agriculture database with data collected from various sources

Decision support

Helps key stakeholders in key decision during the entire lifecycle of the crop – from sowing to harvest in enhancing crop yield

Ease of Use
Interactive Geoportal

The solution enabling detailed analysis with interactive geoportals with different layers


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What Our Clients Say

"The system leveraged smart decision support during the entire crop lifecycle- from sowing to harvest, adding to farmer's GVA. Along with Vassar labs we aim at bringing precision into the agricultural industry where sutainable farming is the crux of it."

- Head of Agriculture Department

Our projects

Components of AIMS

Enabling sustainability for Agriculture


Crop Planning

The system takes multiple input factors into account, analyses the current situation and recommends an ideal cropping pattern considering soil type, rainfall, sources of water and other external factors.

  • Large-scale optimization model and recommendation of the cropping pattern
  • Estimation of optimal crops that can be grown in a region

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Various agricultural advisories are raised aimed at reducing the risks related to the crop cultivation throughout the crop lifecycle and ensure crop yield enhancement. This results in timely action that is required to be executed to gain profitability.

  • Sowing advisories i.e. dissemination of crop-specific, Date of Sowing Advisories for the farmers to sow crops
  • Stress advisories to forecast farms which are or will be under soil moisture stress
  • Pest & Disease Prediction & Mitigation Advisories i.e. dissemination of crop specific Pest & Disease Forecast information service

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Crop Acreage & yield estimation

Crop Acreage estimation is done based on the unique crop signatures which are captured by using Indices and Bands in Optical and Microwave satellite imagery. Optical and Microwave satellite imagery is analysed using

  • Rules and Thresholds based classification
  • Machine Learning based classification
  • Severity of drought assessment based on crop conditions
  • Facilitating with contingency plans and other mitigation measures are advised by the system based on the reports of different crops sown during a season

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Integration with farmer services

The solution aims at assimilation of farmer services to help farmers as input services in order to maximize the crop productivity. It aims at farm mechanization and digitization harnessing the latest available technologies facilitating the farmers in their activities.

  • Farmer support portal assistance
  • Equipped with harvesting assessment through satellite

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Why choose us?

Last Mile Visibility
Vassar Labs brings together data from Sensors, Satellite Data, Drone, Mobile Applications, SCADA, Web Scraped Data and Mathematical & Hydrological Models to provide Last Mile Visibility and Decision Support.
We are a family of 180+ members out of which majority are from eminent institutions like NIT, IIT, IIIT’s, IIM’s, and similar.
Delivering future ready scalable solutions that focus on building a breathable ecosystem for precision agriculture, sustainable supply chains, environmental monitoring and enforcement, with enhanced weather and disaster prediction models.
We focus on delivering last mile visibility and decision support solutions into Primary sectors as well as cater to global markets, empowering decision making towards resilience & sustainability.


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Empowering decisions with emergingTechnologies for Resilience and Sustainability.


Empowering decisions with emergingTechnologies for Resilience and Sustainability.


Leveraging AI, Remote Sensing, IoT, Big data and mobility to provide precision farming advisories helping farmer’s to increase their GVA


Empowering smart city administrations for key authorities through varied applications that ensure economic growth, sustainable developments and timely delivery of citizen services


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