Soil Health Advisories

The key decision makers would be able look at the current soil nutrients statistics & the SHC recommendation for the major nutrients like N, P & K and micro nutrients


Soil fertility and soil health card based advisories

This module would have data of the soil health card and current fertilizer consumption for the analysis. This module helps understand impact of productivity due to low application of fertilizers or wrong mix of application of fertilizer as well as additional cost incurred due to the excessive application of fertilizer. This will help raise fertilizer indent schedule.


Raising decision support advisories to stakeholders during the entire lifecycle of crop – from sowing to harvest

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Driving precision towards a sustainable agriculture

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Why You Should have this

Right Crop Selection

Near real-time crop stress monitoring Using satellite based indexes

Nutrient impact

Ensure crop stress has been mitigates by assessing Irrigation in near-realtime

Identify nutrient deficiency

By understanding of how much water is requires to mitigate the stress

Fertiliser usage

Weather and satellite monitoring will Identify parts with dry spell in advance

Estimate cost to fix

Irrigation schedule by understanding cropped area, type, and demand

Raise Indent

Plan interventions in case of water crisis to identify source and procure

More Than Soil Health Advisories

Our agriWISE platform includes

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