Pest Alerts

The model considers current weather, weather forecast, crop phenology, and various stages of the crop where a pest could infect a crop and the favourable conditions for pest or disease to thrive.


AI Based Pest Early Warning System

The model gives these advisories at the lowest possible granularity and alerts can be sent to the stakeholders. There is also the Economic Threshold Level (ETL) which is an indicator of whether an intervention needs to take place to prevent huge economic loss. In addition to raising advisories, the solution also gives the appropriate remedial action that needs to be taken to mitigate pest risk. Actionable and timely advisories to prevent pest and save from huge economic loss.


Raising decision support advisories to stakeholders during the entire lifecycle of crop – from sowing to harvest

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Pest Infestation

Leveraging AI/ML with weather data and forecast to overcome Pest infestation to improve crop health

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Why You Should have this

Early Pest Warning

Provides alerts on pest infestation ahead of 10 days and more

Rain-free Window

The platform provides visibility for rainfall events to plan pesticides

ETL Validation

Facilitates ETL validation on field using companion mobile app

Input Management

Early warning on pests enables to manage required amount of pesticides

Remedial Measures

The system provides instructions for remedial actions and pesticides

Automated Process

The platform has already automated 100s of pests & new rules are easily configurable

More Than Pest Alerts

Our agriWISE platform includes

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