Agro Climatic Crop Zone Planning

Identifying optimum combination of crops suitable for the given area by understanding water availability, soil type, weather conditions market demand, etc.


Ensuring crop success and maximise farmer’s GVA

The aim of ACZ planning is to arrive at the optimum combination of crops suitable for the area based on climatic zone, water availability, soil type, market demand, etc. to reduce the overall risk and maximize the GVA. With the right crop plan and efficient water management, enough water can be saved in Kharif to supply water in Rabi to grow crops that have a higher market demand.


Raising decision support advisories to stakeholders during the entire lifecycle of crop – from sowing to harvest

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Driving precision towards a sustainable agriculture

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Why You Should have this

Crop Success

This helps identify crops which higher success probability

Next Season Planning

Smart Selection of crops enable water resources to be saved for next season

Farmer’s GVA

Helps increasing farmer’s GVA by identifying crop with better value

Safeguarding Market

Right crop basket ensures that produce is of right quantity to ensure fair pricing

Climate Resilience

Identifying crops which can be grown by utilising local water resources

Input Planning

Selection of right crop basket in advance helps to streamline input supplies

More Than Agro Climatic Crop Zone Planning

Our agriWISE platform includes

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