Building Permission & Deviation Monitoring

enables identification of new constructions and buildings leveraging ai and satellite imagery ensuring compliance to building permissions and monitoring building deviations for smooth city administration


Ensuring compliance to building permissions

This module helps identify new buildings and construction by leveraging high resolution satellite imagery & artificial intelligence. It ensures compliance with building permission by using drone survey assessing the building plinth area and offsets. Further, it also does quarterly drone surveys for identification of vertical expansion and generates alert if non-compliance with building permission is found.

Drone Monitoring

Drone based assessment to ensure protection of city infrastructure

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Safeguarding publc lands with continous monitoring

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Why You Should have this

Drone Lidar Survey

Enabling Identification of vertical expansion through drone imagery

Plan development

Ensuring enough space for infrastructure development facilities

Smart workflow

Mobility workflow for validation of new buildings and construction

Revenue collection

Helps minimizing revenue loss by charging penalty amount in case of non compliance

Building compliance

Helps in Checking construction area, height and offsets for building compliance

Interactive visualization

Interactive visualization of construction activity alerts, their status and custom reports for authorities

More Than Building Permission & Deviation Monitoring

Our cityWISE platform includes

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