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Last Mile Visibility: Project Monitoring

Last Mile Visibility: Project Monitoring

Client is interested in getting daily visibility on the progress of various projects that are currently undertaken by the client. Client's projects are geographically widespread with project owners being situated near to the site of execution, that makes the daily monitoring hercula Client also wants to see projectwise specific details and summary report.

To accomplish this, Vassar Labs proposed to customize its IoT platform to enable department officials with a smartphone application for data entry and department management with Centralized Dashboard.

Users are mapped to their assigned projects and are allowed to report project specific details through the mobile app, that seamlessly integrates to our IoT stack and further uses analytics and defined rules to create various dashboards. Further Analytics provide heat map to visualize the water availability across the geography of the state.

Customer has large number of ongoing projects that are executed parallely at a fast pace across the geography of the state. Pertaining to the fast pace and large scale nature of the programs/projects, collecting data on daily progress and issues were a time consuming and man-hour intensive.

As the user logs in he lands to the page where he sees the list of the projects assigned to him. He can select a project to see the project specific dashboard where he can enter the project specific details

Assigned users see their dashboard with project details set up for them to type in the daily progress and pick an issue to highlight.

Users can describe the issues by putting more details, GPS and photograph.

Project based summary and overview are presented to the stakeholders, who can further pick and analyze different sections. The dashboards highlights the number of projects with no progress and issues. It provides cumulative progress vs Balance and trends for weekly and daily progress.

User have access to each project level data and can understand the status along with areas of concerns so that they can work on it.