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Virtual Check Post

Virtual Check Post

Problem statement:

Department of Commercial Taxes is looking for near real-time visibility into the trucks that are passing through key Critical Control Points (CCPs) such as Integrated Checkposts, Border Checkposts, Toll Booths near the Checkposts, Seaports, entry points into key consumption areas and Railway parcel office. Department is interested in knowing the license plate number of the trucks that are passing through the checkpost and the aggregate number of trucks that are passing through the checkpost every day.

Virtual Check Post:
A passing vehicle is scanned through an induction loop, high resolution Camera, IR Camera, and RFID Antenna that determines the number plate and type of the passing vehicle. The Edge server sends the data to cloud where it goes through a decision support system that classify the vehicle in various actionable categories.

License Plate Recognition:

Correct license plate recognition is the crucial part for the functioning of the decision support system. Variation in the number plate format, and occlusion create errors in the number plate recognition process. A manual intervention is designed to take care of all cases where system is not able to decode the number plates. System segregate all such doubtful cases based on probability, and sensor inputs from the field. These cases are presented to the operators for manual intervention and the operator inputs will be validated again global license plate database and pre-set business rules.

Part 1: Manual Number Plate Recognition where operator selects the type of the vehicle before they do the number plate recognition.

Part 2: System guides the operator to the number plate recognition page only for the vehicles of interest, that system decides based on the input of Part 1 and various Data from the fields.

Central Decision Support System:

Red Alert for Suspicious Vehicles: VCP gives a "Red" based on cloud decision support system that is based on "Random check", "Sensitive commodities", "History of Transporter", "Consigner and consignee pattern", "Prior Vehicle Tracking information"

Proactive Alert for Field Checking: VCP gives an "Alert" based on cloud decision support system if a Truck is traveling through a consumption area and not traveling by the expected path towards the exit checkpost.

Green Lane for Normal Vehicles: VCP gives a "Green" based on cloud decision support system. Looking into the history of the consigner, consignee, transporter, goods being transported, Qty and Value to make a decision