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Water Management for a Smarter world

Water Management for a Smarter world

Problem statement:

Water is one of the most precious natural resources that got depleted over the past four decades. There is an urgent need to monitor and manage the use of water in the state and the country. We have to understand how much of this precious resource do we have at any point in time, how much we are receiving from various sources, how much we are using/losing, how much water to allocate across various users and what we can do to replenish groundwater aquifers for our future.

Integrated Water Management Solution (IWM) provides near real-time visibility into the water assets across the state of Andhra Pradesh, so that a Water Balance Sheet can be prepared for that region. Internet of Things (IoT) is a key technology we can leverage to get real time visibility and accountability into the last mile processes. All the major water assets will be equipped with IoT water sensors to transmit information regarding level and flow of water in real-time. All this information will be consolidated in a cloud database to provide real-time dashboards and decision support system to help authorities in taking better decisions.

Executive Dashboard

SWM solution provides real-time executive dashboard and command center view to all the water assets across the state: Rainfall, Reservoirs, Rivers, Canal and Groundwater. Vassar Labs IoT suite supports broad range of water quantity and quality sensors for Reservoirs, Rivers and Canals, Groundwater, Rainfall. The solution also involved creating apps to facilitate officers and personels of irrigation department to feed data from remote and inaccessible locations.

Rainfall Dashboard:
Showing Canal systems

Surface Water dashboard:
Showing Canal systems

Reservoir Dashboard:
Showing water storage across various reservoirs of the state.

Reservoir Dashboard:
Mimic Canal SystemMimic for each Canal systems providing real time level and flow data to the users in command centre.

Groundwater Dashboard:
Our IoT suite connects with various sensors deployed across the state to monitor the groundwater level and provides real time data and trends to understand both availability and rate of depletion of groundwater table for a given area.

Decision Support System:

Using various sensor and cropping related data the IWM will estimate the water requirement across the state for the cropping season and the most optimal water distribution pattern and possibly suggestions on how to increase ayacut under irrigation and improve the economic output for a defined set of policies and constraints.

Decision changes is required at a later dat say, day 10

  • Reallocation of water to save all crops
  • Ayacut areas prioritization to decide which of those should continue receiving sufficient water
  • Changes in water distribution pattern at offtake points
  • Redirect water from one demand source to another (eg. from power plants, etc.)

Managing demand and supply of available water :

Possible changes at demand side

  • Change crop pattern (right mix of ID and wet crops)
  • Reduce irrigated area
  • Change cropping season dates (little sooner or later)
  • Alternate ways of irrigation like drip irrigation , etc.

Possible changes at supply end

  • Intelligent allocation of surface water
  • Depending on command area average decide which area should use more from groundwater, leveraging conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water