Flood Forecasting & Early Warning System

To combat climate change, the significant move from Flood Defense to one of Risk Mitigation is the need of the hour- realizing this necessity, the integration of FFEWS is done to stay ahead of extreme events.


Flood Risk Engineering Simplified

A comprehensive platform that integrates static and dynamic data sources, enabling various hydrology and hydraulic models to run on cloud. Further, providing realtime visibility on inflows in reservoirs, early warning on floods, impact zones and simulations of breach scenarios.


Kerala Flood Forecasting & Early Warning System

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F500 Biggest Re-Insurer

Flood Risk Assessment for biggest Re-Insurer

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Climate Action at your Fingertips

Realtime Information

Analytics on weather patterns, reservoir inflow forecasts along with insights on inundation, and impact zones

Scenario Simulations

Simulations of various flood as well as breach scenarios with inundation risk at critical zones.

Early Warnings

The system enables advance warning of the probable magnitude and timing of flooding, crucial for risk mitigation

Alerts & Advisories

Alarms on flooding extent, risk advisories and impact assessments helps in efficient disaster management.

Inflow Forecasts

Forecasts on inflows at reservoirs and key points, brings efficiency in reservoir operations optimization in realtime.

User Friendly

Accessible on cloud, easy navigation, user specific interactive dashboard provides decision support and dissemination of information.

More Than Urban Flood Early Warning Systems & Management

Our aquaWISE platform includes

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