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Vassar Labs IOT Stack enables customers to bring new products and services delivery models to the market quickly.

Connect: Seamlessly connect to variety of data sources such as sensors, RFID devices and machine data sources. All the devices can be remotely configured, managed and monitored.

Collect: All the data from the sensors is collected into a cloud based horizontally scalable messaging layer. Data from each of the devices is handled uniquely based on customer specific business rules. Applications can consume data from disparate data sources through standard API’s.

Control: Centralized configuration and monitoring of devices to control the quality of data from the devices. Send commands through control channel to automate processes.

Analyze: Micro services to consume data through standard API’s and real-time customer specific rules processing to identify trends from data. Mashup data from multiple data sources to create actionable insights. Predictive analytics using machine-learning algorithms.

Act: Act of actionable and predictive insights through real-time dashboard and smart phone apps. Automate business processes based on the insights through control channel.

Scalability: Vassar Labs IoT architecture offers seamless horizontal scalability across the stack. Real-time sensor messaging platform and micro services based business rules and workflows can be deployed across cluster of services. All services will automatically failover, so there is no loss of data. As load increases more servers can be added to the cluster to continue to continue to scale to meet business growth.